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Cost Modelling

ChartThe cost modelling service grew out of practical experience of a large municipal waste project. The cost model developed at the time was very focussed and not good at handling ad-hoc questions about project options, risks, costs and sensitivities. These often went unanswered because re-running the model was too difficult, or too expensive.

With this in mind, the CH2 system was built from the ground up to take a deliberately structured and “holistic” view of an authority’s entire waste operation across multiple service options. It can track and cost materials from the point of origin (households, businesses) and follows every step of a typical municipal waste operation as each material progresses on it’s journey from collection through to processing or final disposal. We believe this approach is unique.

The system is designed to be flexible and exploit your existing cost and tonnage data. If you have detailed information, then the system is capable of modelling very sophisticated operations. If you only have outline data don’t worry – we can handle that too. And, if you only want to model collection costs, or just end-processing costs, you can leave out the other stages. In short, the model can be as simple or detailed as you want, and will use whatever data you already have. Take a look at our case study pages for examples of how some authorities have already used the system.

If you want to go further, we can also offer more detailed simulation based on Monte Carlo techniques. In this type of analysis, you identify the likely variations in your data (simplistically this can be thought of as the worst and best case values) and we set up a model that tests 100’s, or even 1000’s of combinations of variables, allowing each one to change independently at random according to an agreed probability profile. This allows us to arrive at a most likely cost projection and predicted cost variation envelope for any of the project options.

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