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Our services include:

  • A refuse/recycling collection calendar production service
    • Working from your data, a service to design and automatically create sophisticated calendar graphics that precisely describe the collections made to every household.
    • You can choose from a menu of options including graphic design, data validation and management, calendar production and (if you plan to send out paper copies) print and distribution
  • Resource management cost modelling and option appraisal.
    • Using specialist software, a system to model your current operations and use this a baseline for comparison of multiple costed options.
    • Includes graphic display of data and trends, to facilitate “what if” scenario planning and “real-time” sensitivity testing and cost risk assessment.
  • Interim Management, including
    • Corporate, strategic and operational management
    • Project management.
    • Service review and analysis.

Interim management services are provided in collaboration with SOLACE in Business.

Who we are

We are a consultancy company dedicated to providing specialist support to UK Local Authorities. We specialise in engineering, infrastructure and environment with a particular emphasis on waste management.

What we do

- Interim management;
- Project management
- Service review
- Option appraisal
- Cost modelling
- Refuse collection calendars

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