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Refuse collection calendars

CalendarCreating refuse collection calendars used to be easy. With regular collections for general waste and recyclables and a seasonal green waste collection, just a few simple calendars were often enough to inform householders of their collection days.

But for many authorities, that’s no longer the case. New collection regimes are being introduced to maximise recycling, and many authorities have turned to sophisticated route optimisation to deliver more efficient collections. These more complex collection regimes create a new challenge – how to keep the customer informed whilst shielding them from the operational details ?

Ideally, what’s needed is a way to show everyone exactly what they need do on any given day, clearly, simply and economically – like this. That’s what we set out to do with our refuse collection calendar design & production service.

Get your collection communications right, and everything will go smoothly. But get the communications wrong (a real risk if you’re rolling out a new collection regime) and you’ll have weeks of missed bins, angry customers, harassed staff, an overloaded call centre and unnecessary extra costs – not to mention the damage to your services’ reputation and the critical attention of the media and elected members. From what we’ve seen, the quality of many calendars have simply not kept pace with the complexity of changing collection regimes, and that’s influenced our decision to develop this new service.

We can help you do better. But don’t take our word for it – see the examples of how some authorities are using our service in the case studies pages, or take a look at some examples of the types of calendars we can produce.

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We are a consultancy company dedicated to providing specialist support to UK Local Authorities. We specialise in engineering, infrastructure and environment with a particular emphasis on waste management.

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